Lip enhancement

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Lip enhancement

The lips are an important component of a well-balanced, beautiful face. As the years go by, your lips can lose volume. A lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid filler can give you full, shapely lips for a stunning smile. Shaping lips is an art all of its own, and at artis we are masters in the field. We perfectly match the shape of your lips to your face shape for a well-balanced look. Our expertise guarantees exact precision and excellent results.


Lip enhancement

Fulfil your desire for fuller, more beautiful lips at artis. Full, red lips with shapely contours give your face a seductive, attractive appearance. Lips lose their volume and shape during the ageing process. Treatment with hyaluronic acid gives your lips a natural, fuller shape. At artis, our team has developed a unique treatment method to make sure you have the lips you want. We value a natural, balanced result. Thanks to our special local anaesthetic technique, the treatment is completely pain-free.


The treatment didn’t hurt at all and the results are very natural!

Testimonial from L.D.

Lip enhancement

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Lip enhancement

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